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How fast can we get a result?
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How fast can we get a result?

MiniStar guarantee typed reports to be e-mailed by 18:00 o'clock the Day after the Inspection unless there are unavoidable problems. Normally it is a good practice to ensure the factory finishes production 2 days before loading a container for shipment. Due to poor planning or lack of space, factories may experience difficulties. Often containers arrive the moment the goods are ready. This does not leave much time for inspections or problem solving. Buyers should stipulate a two-day gap in their purchase terms because this allows a Report to be presented to the buyer and shipping decisions to be made without undue time pressure. In the event that the factory is poorly managed and the result must be available as soon as possible, MiniStar offers a Quick Result Form which is the inspector's handwritten draft faxed from the factory and briefly reviewed by the MiniStar's Customer Service Executive before forwarding to the client within 2 hours of the inspection being completed.

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