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Purchase Delegate Services

Step 1:  Clients provide product description to MiniStar Global.

  • Product name
  • Product samples or reference pictures
  • Requirement of quality
    • Specification
    • Raw material
    • Technology
    • Package
    • Others
  • Quantity needed
  • Delivery date

Step 2:  MiniStar Global will locate and select factories which can match the requirements of clients

  • Negotiate with factories
    • Acquire specific information about products
    • Acquire quotation
    • Inspect factory if necessary
    • Acquire samples if necessary
    • Lead time
    • Package information
  • Information feedback to clients

Step 3:  Client analyses the details of the offer and factory and gives feedback to us.

  • Tell us what’s your acceptable price, and exact quality standard.
  • Further negotiation with factories
  • Whether need us visit to inspect factories on your behalf, if yes, please informed which factories need to be visited. (Refer to Charges----Supplier on-the-spot visit and inquire )
  • Whether need to inspect the factories by yourself? If yes. Please provide the information as bellow.
    • When and which factories to inspect?
    • Do you need us to book air tickets for you or not? If yes, please provide information of client’s passport. ( Refer to Charges---Business trip accompany or translation business assistant )

Step 4: Order Confirmed and MiniStar track the order for clients

When the order is confirmed, Clients shall pay 30% of the commission in advance.Manufacture inspection and supervision(Track Order) )

  • Urge factories’ production and delivery on time
  • Inspect goods in factories, if this service wanted 30% extra will be charged on the base of commission
  • Urge and cooperate with factories to prepare exporting documents needed
  • Urge and cooperate with factories to arrange shipment
  • Supervise load the goods into container before shipment

Step 5:  Order completed

We'll fax client the shipping documents and client shall pay the balance 70% of commission when gets the fax of documents


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