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Why do you need us?
How to application?
How fast can we get a result?
What is critical defect, major defect and minor defect?
What happens if the goods arrive and we find that there are quality problems despite an inspection?
If there is a MiniStar inspection, is the factory relieved from its obligation to deliver quality goods?
How much will be cost involved in importing?

Why do you need us?

A----The honest, impartial and professional inspectors lower your risk of receiving defective goods.

B---We will ensure that your commodities are compliant with the mandatory and non-mandatory safety regulations.

C---Perfect testing equipment and after-sales services guarantee your confidence.

D---Consistent customer-centeredness and flexible operations will win more time and space for you.

E---Reduce your business trip expenses and other miscellaneous expenses resulting from goods inspections carried out by yourself.

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