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 What is critical defect, major defect and minor defect?

Defects found in inspection are classified into three categories: critical defects, major defects and minor defects:

1. Critical non-conformity (defect):

A non-conformity(defect) which experience and the judgment indicates is likely to result in a hazardous and injurious situation to the user, or makes the product subject to legal seizure, or not comply with any mandatory regulations(standards) or as per the customer's requirements

2. Major non-conformity (defect):

Non-conformity (defect) other than Critical is like to result in failure, or to reduce materially the usability of the unit for its intended purpose, or having an obvious aesthetic non-conformity (defect) which affect the salability of the products and lessens the value or as per the customer's requirements. A major problem will in all probability result in the customer returning the product for exchange or refund thus affecting the customer or product reputation.

3. Minor non-conformity (defect)

Non-conformity (defect) is that not likely to reduce the usability of the product for its intended purpose or is departure from established standards, having little bearing on the effective use of the products. or as per the customer's requirements. A minor problem may give a degree of consumer dissatisfaction. Several Minor problems together may lead to the customer returning the item.


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