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 What happens if the goods arrive and we find that there are quality problems despite an inspection?

It is our job to report and record what we see and assist our clients in making decisions whether to ship product or not. As we are often not present during loading of containers and we only take a statistical sampling of the total lot we cannot guarantee 100% that the same goods were shipped, nor that the total lot size will meet the quality standards. We are simply there to reduce the possibility of future problems. Additionally there is a human factor involved. We try to get consistency by continuous training. Should it be proven that MiniStar staff did not notice or document defects, or safety issues during the course of inspections we will refund the value of the inspection, in cases of proven extreme oversight up to ten times this sum. Any concerns that you may have regarding the performance of MiniStar staff should be brought to our attention immediately so we can start claim investigations which involve checking reference samples, shipment samples and all paperwork relating to the inspection to verify where things went wrong. Then we update our procedures and training to prevent any recurrence.

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