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Marketing in China service

Do you want to tap into China's huge market of 1.3 billion population? Do you want to establish a joint venture? Our service can help you to find you a proper business partner. By making use of our cooperation network and releasing your information via the internet we can choose you the best partner for you. Besides, you can authorize us to negotiate with your potential client.


  1. If you want to tap the Chinese market with your products, we will assess the price and quality of your products first, for we are responsible for both you and ourselves. Suppose your products are not superior to the same products in China, we will inform you, so that you can save your finance and resources. If you want to invest here in China, we need to know your way of investment, we shall discuss about the rate of your success and tell you the best investment plan.
  2. Committal: your commitment should be the only one in China.
  3. Charge: No charge before we collect all the necessary information. The final commission varies on different products and projects (Our commission is sure to be reasonable).
  4. When necessary information is collected we can sign contracts, you need to pay a small amount of deposit and we can start our cooperation.
  5. You choose your partner according to the information we provided, then we arrange you the meeting (we can provide you interpreters).
  6. Paying the rest of the commission when you reach the final agreement (when your contracts are signed).


Let's do it together and let's win the world!

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