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Foreign Business Reception Service

China, the world factory, cheap labour, global economies, high quality and low price Chinese goods, all these are key to the development of any enterprise. No doubt every entrepreneur knows them well, but then, are you ready? Are you planning to purchase Chinese products or investing in China? Or do you just want to know about China first?   

Whatever you want to do in China, you have to face Chinese peoples and communicate with them. It can be tough for such kind of communication without the knowledge of Chinese culture, way of life, way of transaction, and so on.

However, with our help, you can feel quite relaxed. You only need to tell us your trip requirements, and we will help arranging the tickets, hotels, schedule for meeting the person of enterprise or government you want, also our interpreters will be beside you all the way. So achieve your goal at the lowest price:


Before your arrival, inform us your destination (which enterprise or government you want to go) and timetable, we will assess a budget (including our commission) for you.

 We will make an appointment with the person in charge you want, asking him\her prepare for the meeting with you, reserving tickets and hotels for you and get interpreter ready. Also we can help finding relevant material when necessary.

 Half of the commission should be paid before the trip start. The interpreter will serve you at your reasonable requirement and all the expenses caused by the business are on you.

Trip ends, you pay the balance of the commission.

Your satisfaction is our success!

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