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Inspection Service Items:

※ Initial Factory Evaluation

Entrusted by the clients, our professional inspectors make overall evaluations of factories, including production equipment, jigs, essential raw materials and completeness of documents, compliance with specifications, whether the product quality is effectively controlled as per the previous factory quality control records, etc.. At this stage, we provide the clients with the detailed information about the factories, including the important information such as production capacity and quality control capability.

※ Initial Production Check

Before production starts, our inspectors carefully assess all the production materials, components and methods in strict accordance with the specification and approval samples of our clients to ensure compliance of products with the approved samples! At this stage, we ensure our clients that the products are compliant with the approved samples and the production method is correct.

※ During Production Inspection

During production, we randomly sample the semi-finished products or some packaged finished products for check and detailed testing. This enables us to identify early problems to avoid continued production of a large number of noncompliant products, and recommend corrective measures and improvements and provide timely feedback to the clients. At this stage, we identify problems in early stage and propose corrective measures, and predict the production efficiency and time of completion.

Final Random Inspection

After 100% or 80% of the products are loaded, our inspectors select samples as per the statistical random-sampling standard. We check in details whether the packaging method, quantity, appearance, functions and the related tests of the products conform to the approval samples and specifications. At this stage we make overall evaluation of the whole lot of goods to ensure the quality of the whole lot of products and prevent noncompliant products from delivering to the clients, and punctually inform the clients to arrange delivery of goods or handling methods.

※ Loading Supervision

Our inspectors are present at the loading site to carry out inspection. We check soundness of containers, whether packaged goods, quantity, markings and packaging materials are compliant with the requirements under the orders, damages or insufficiency of goods during loading, etc. to ensure compliance with the requirements of the clients. We provide the pictures taken at the loading site as evidence.

※  Full process quality control

In order to avoid risks of quality and punctual delivery for big orders or long-term orders occur.  We send our Resident QC to the factory and provide full quality control services throughout the processes, from inspection of raw materials and during production quality control to earlier delivery up to the end. Our perfect services guarantee both quality and delivery time

Full check.

If the product is valuable and the quality request very high, we can 100% check for you. Each product check by our inspector, you can reduce the risks enormously.

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