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Who we are?


We provide services to the Stone, Sanitary Ware, Furniture etc building material industry in china ranging from source, purchase, inspection, shipment etc services.


We are neither manufacturers nor trading company.

We are Your Employee, and will always be your business delegate.

We are Your Eyes when you do business in China.

We are Your Cooperation Office when you buy goods from China manufactories.
We are Your Second-self Hands when you purchase goods from China.
We are Your Business Assistants helping you to reduce risk in the long-distance international trades.

We are Your most Honest and Sincere Partner, and always ready to service for you at any time and situation.



What we can do for you?  


If you are working with china products, looking for new suppliers or different products or need better quality control and follow-up of your purchase orders, we would kindly like to offer you the following services with minimal commission:


Business information collection

Products or Supplier sourcing

Supplier Reputation and qualification verify

Price negotiation

Sample preparation

Order processing

Follow up service

Quality control

Pre-shipment inspection

Shipment and container booking and upload supervision  

Timely delivery

Visit facility and arrangement


Re-order processing


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